Dinner event with Darktrace

On Wednesday August 21, Darktrace is hosting a special dinner event in Raleigh, North Carolina in conjunction with Clinical Security LLC. Dinner will be catered and there will be an open bar. It will be held at Junction West, a new and very exciting bar and event venue located in the trendy warehouse district of Raleigh.

Darktrace is the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense. With thousands of customers worldwide, the Enterprise Immune System is relied on to detect and fight back against cyber-attaches in real time. The self-learning AI protects the cloud, SaaS, corporate networks, IoT and industrial systems against the full range of cyber-threats and vulnerabilities, from insider threats and ransomware, to stealthy and silent attacks. Darktrace has over 800 employees and 40 offices worldwide. It is headquartered in Sand Francisco and Cambridge, UK.

This is an invitation-only event to learn more about Darktrace can protect your ccompany and customer information. For companies that want to learn more we highly recommend you attend this very special event. For more information contact Jaquelin Jenkins at 720-375-1551.

Here is a brief demo of Darktrace in action:

Get on board or get out of the way (and do it fast)

Every industry is going digital, some faster than others. The media sector is almost entirely digital; sectors like healthcare and transportation, less so. But the overall trend is clear: Every facet of our professional and personal lives is going digital. As a cybersecurity professional, you can get on board or get out of the way, but shouting “stop” is futile.

That’s the underlying premise of a new article from McKinsey, “Cybersecurity: Linchpin of the digital enterprise.” It lays out a difficult truth for cybersecurity teams, and highlights areas where progress is being made.

Here’s a big problem: The business and development teams value speed and functionality above all, and the operating models used by many cybersecurity organizations often slow things down. Development teams get frustrated when it takes time to design secure architecture, review code and configure environments. When development and cybersecurity teams aren’t aligned, business opportunities are missed. Often vulnerabilities grow, as development teams bend rules to work around security rules.

Where’s the progress being made in supporting businesses’ digital aspirations? McKinsey highlights three areas:

  • quantitative risk analytics to improve decision-making;

  • making cybersecurity a core feature of every data exchange with suppliers, customers and employees;

  • creating a more flexible, responsive, and agile cybersecurity operating model to support the broader effort of making enterprise technology fast and scalable.

Enterprise IT is evolving fast. The cybersecurity function is racing to keep up and struggling to adapt. It’s still early in the journey. The mandate requires balancing two seemingly contradictory goals: to become more and more capable of protecting companies and at the same time quickly supporting the aspirational activities of the business and IT teams.

Security Industry Expert Keith Mattox Opens Clinical Security LLC in Raleigh

RALEIGH, NC -- July 18, 2019 –- Cybersecurity industry expert Keith Mattox has chosen Raleigh as the ideal location to launch his new consulting firm, Clinical Security LLC. Mattox, who is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, a Project Management Professional, and holds a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, plans to take advantage of the city’s status as an epicenter for start-up companies, many who are looking for data and cybersecurity.

Based in HQ Raleigh, Mattox leads and operates a four-person team helping such clients as Global Data Consortium (GDC), and Real Magic, founded by ShareFile founder Jesse Lipson.

Mattox is a 20-year security veteran having worked at Computer Task Group (CTG) in Buffalo as the product manager for risk profile manager, a cloud-based vendor risk management solution, and Chief Security Officer at a Houston Hospital System. Before this, he served as head of information security at RBC Bank. After CTG, he was the Senior Compliance Office at Hewlett Packard, and at Raleigh-based Citrix where he led the HIPAA compliance for Citrix ShareFile, Image 32 (Diacom viewer), ShareConnect, and Podio. Most recently, Keith led the efforts for SOC 2 for Citrix Workspace, which included all cloud versions of Citrix products.

Today, Clinical Security LLC is the premier partner for Loptr LLC, an award-winning information security firm in East Aurora, New York. Mattox works with Loptr’s leadership team in building Virtual Security Team (VST) engagements, leads security and compliance services tailored to meet the specific needs of assessments for various clients in the southeast, and will help establish Virtual Security Center, Lowkey LLC’s security software.

Mattox started Clinical Security because he believes the Raleigh market, home to an aggressively growing tech and consumer start-up scene, is ripe for experienced cybersecurity professionals. “Most companies are unprepared for a cyberattack, and the costs associated with a hack or other cybercrime can devastate a business,” said Mattox. “Educating start-ups and other Raleigh-Durham based companies on cyber threats and how they are managed is why Clinical Security and Loptr joined forces.”

A Woodbury, Connecticut native, Keith studied Business Management at the University of Connecticut, and Industrial Management and Computer Science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He resides in Cary, and when not working, can be found biking or running the trails around North Carolina, or checking out Raleigh’s latest music and restaurant scene.

To learn more about Clinical Security LLC, or to help get your security program up and running, visit www.clinicalsecuirty.net or call Keith at 919/561-3341.

Poppy Gustafsson, Co-CEO of Darktrace addresses why cyber security is now one of the biggest threats

Poppy Gustafsson, Co-CEO of Darktrace addresses why cyber security is now one of the biggest threats not just to businesses, but to ourselves as individuals. She discusses why humans are vulnerable to attackers, how hackers are becoming increasingly innovative and ultimately how cyber AI can help us invent ourselves out of the problem.

Poppy is a co-founder of Darktrace, the world’s leading artificial intelligence company for cyber defense.

Clinical Security is a Certified Darktrace Referral Partner. For a free Proof of Value evaluation, contact Jaquelin.Jenkins@clinicalsecurity.net.

Virtual Security Center (VSC) - Full Demo

Yesterday, we posted an introduction to Virtual Security Center. For those that can’t get enough of VSC, here is the full demo with all the great features explained. If you would like to know what Virtual Security Center can do for you, contact us at info@clinicalsecurity.net to setup a demonstration tailored to specific needs of your organization.

Introduction to Virtual Security Center (VSC)

Virtual Security Center (VSC) is a cloud-based software program offered through Clinical Security, that runs your security program. 27001 is the standard for Security Programs. ISO 27001 talks about implementing an Information Security Management System, and that is what we are what we're doing with VSC. What we're doing is helping an organization to build its management system for security.

Key components are policies, procedures, risk analysis, compliance reporting, training and awareness. All rolled together into VSC.

Virtual Security Center is actually a GRC tool -- governance, risk, and compliance tool. Big enterprises use tools like Archer to solve this problem. It's basically like the risk assessment and compliance tracking piece of Archer, that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands more in consulting work.

Clinical Security LLC is a Preferred Partner of Loptr LLC + LowKey LLC, makers of Virtual Security Center. For a demo of Virtual Security Center and other services we offer as part of your overall security program you can e-mail us at info@clinicalsecurity.net.

Darktrace Proof of Value

Contact Clinical Security to learn about the Darktrace Proof of Value. It’s a free 30-day trial of the award winning Darktrace cyber security solution. Powered by artificial intelligence, Darktrace technology will identify abnormal activity that traditional defenses will miss. The acclaimed threat visualizer guarantees unprecedented network visibility.

An evening with Darktrace

We are planning a very special dinner event in Downtown Raleigh hosted by our partner, Darktrace (https://darktrace.com), the world’s leading AI for cyber defense.

For information on how you can be part of this “invitation only” event, fill out the information below or contact Jaquelin.Jenkins@clinicalsecurity.net.

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Look to the CCSK certification to gain cloud-specific security expertise (and use it to vet your consultants)

Look to the CCSK certification to gain cloud-specific security expertise (and use it to vet your consultants)

With 300,000 unfilled security jobs in the US alone, there's an urgent need for qualified security professionals (1). But yesterday's security expertise isn't enough any more. The ubiquity of the cloud means that credentials such as the CISSP, while still important, no longer cover the needs of today's cloud-dependent organizations.