Discovered Rafeeq Rehman today

In doing research for a project I am working on for an overseas client, I discovered the information security blogger Rafeeq Rehman. I found him because he was referenced on a SANS poster called the SANS CISO Mind Map. I've seen it before and it's concise and informative - kind of a visual checklist for a CISO or security professional on key things you need to know about and manage. What I had not seen before was the tiny name in small type discretely placed: "Based on CISO MindMap by Rafeeq Rehman @rafeeq_rehman Used with permission."

So I connected to Rafeeq Rehman's blog site that contains the original CISO Mind Map. It turns out that it was just updated with a 10th edition in May 2018. There's a lot of great stuff on his site and it's well worth exploring. Check it out: