Introduction to Virtual Security Center (VSC)

Virtual Security Center (VSC) is a cloud-based software program offered through Clinical Security, that runs your security program. 27001 is the standard for Security Programs. ISO 27001 talks about implementing an Information Security Management System, and that is what we are what we're doing with VSC. What we're doing is helping an organization to build its management system for security.

Key components are policies, procedures, risk analysis, compliance reporting, training and awareness. All rolled together into VSC.

Virtual Security Center is actually a GRC tool -- governance, risk, and compliance tool. Big enterprises use tools like Archer to solve this problem. It's basically like the risk assessment and compliance tracking piece of Archer, that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands more in consulting work.

Clinical Security LLC is a Preferred Partner of Loptr LLC + LowKey LLC, makers of Virtual Security Center. For a demo of Virtual Security Center and other services we offer as part of your overall security program you can e-mail us at