Clinical Security is focused on servicing Raleigh-Durham and our core mission

Clinical Security is a Raleigh-based Cyber Security company focused on healthcare and highly regulated startups, that utilize the cloud or in the case of healthcare organizations may be migrating to the cloud. Our senior consultant and founder, Keith Mattox, has worked full-time since 2012 in healthcare security and HIPAA compliance. In 2012, As Senior Security Consultant at CTG, he served as interim CISO for a major hospital system in Houston, then developed with his team and put into place a HIPAA program for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Group. In 2016, he left HPE to work at Citrix and served as the security and compliance product manager for the SMB healthcare vertical and other cloud product teams. This included ShareFile, ShareConnect, Image32, RightSignature, and Podio. Before leaving to relaunch Clinical Security, he led the SOC 2 for Workspace project, working with leadership, Engineering and Product Managers across Citrix Enterprise. As CEO of Clinical Security, Keith is building a team of highly skilled security and compliance professionals.

At Clinical Security, we know healthcare security, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements we can work with your business to ensure your organization or business is fully compliant.

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Discovered Rafeeq Rehman today

In doing research for a project I am working on for an overseas client, I discovered the information security blogger Rafeeq Rehman. I found him because he was referenced on a SANS poster called the SANS CISO Mind Map. I've seen it before and it's concise and informative - kind of a visual checklist for a CISO or security professional on key things you need to know about and manage. What I had not seen before was the tiny name in small type discretely placed: "Based on CISO MindMap by Rafeeq Rehman @rafeeq_rehman Used with permission."

So I connected to Rafeeq Rehman's blog site that contains the original CISO Mind Map. It turns out that it was just updated with a 10th edition in May 2018. There's a lot of great stuff on his site and it's well worth exploring. Check it out: