Loptr LLC & Lowkey LLC

To provide a broad array of security services, we supplement Clinical Security services through the virtual security team at Loptr LLC and the Virtual Security Center Information Security Framework by their software company, Lowkey LLC. Our companies have had a previous working relationship through our association with the security team at CTG in Buffalo, New York, where Dave Newell and Keith Mattox worked for CTG’s Security Services division.

Loptr LLC was established in 2013 and their software service, Virtual Security Center (Lowkey LLC) was introduced in 2016.

Services Include:

Security Program Framework

  • Risk Analysis

  • Vulnerability Scan(s)

  • Penetration Test(s)

  • Password Cracking

  • Phishing Testing

For a detailed description of these services, you can contact info@clinicalsecurity.net or info@loptrllc.com.